Pipe Fitting - IP65 Box Maurer


Available in various sizes. Pipe-box connection IP65

0,73 € VAT included
0,60 € Without VAT

Handle with plate for locks for fire doors Model 07070 Cisa


Handle with plate for locks for fire doors Mod. 07070 Cisa

17,25 € VAT included
14,14 € Without VAT

Straight Plug Industrial Adapter 2P + E 16A 230V IP67 Blue 94648 Maurer


Straight industrial plug 2P + E 16A 230V IP67 Blue Art. 94648 Maurer

4,60 € VAT included
3,77 € Without VAT

Set 3 Ceramic Kitchen Knives 97124 Maurer


Set of 3 ceramic kitchen knives with ergonomic PVC block. Blades 10 - 12.5 - 15 cm

26,33 € VAT included
21,58 € Without VAT

Hydraulic Parrot Hose Clamp Adjustable 180 mm 26760 Wiha


Hydraulic Pliers 180mm Art.26760 Wiha Material: chrome vanadium steel tool steel, hardened. Clamping range (inches): 1 Manufacturer part number: 26760 Wrench size (metric): 30 mm · Length - Depth: 180 mm

14,91 € VAT included
12,22 € Without VAT

Illuminating White Oil 1 Liter MVOL9 2BM

Format: 1 Liter Refined product suitable for domestic use, for cleaning and degreasing in the lithographic, screen printing, mechanical and typographic sectors, as a wax solvent.

2,99 € VAT included
2,45 € Without VAT

Turpentine Easy MI2000 2BM

Suitable for the dilution of synthetic enamels and in particular for the application of medium-slow drying primers and primers, where it is especially suitable for washing equipment.

2,01 € VAT included
1,65 € Without VAT

Synthetic Thinner for Synthetic Enamels DS2000 2BM

The synthetic thinner is a product conceived for the dilution of synthetic and oil-synthetic enamels, based on hydrocarbon solvents with remarkable cutting power.

2,15 € VAT included
1,76 € Without VAT

Nitro Anti-fog Thinner DN2000 2BM

Available in various formats. Thinner suitable for painting fast drying nitro-synthetic primers and particularly suitable for cleaning painting equipment.

1,94 € VAT included
1,59 € Without VAT

Trestle Holder for Threaded Weed G3 / 8 08974 Arag


Jointed weed nozzle holder with G 3/8 threaded head, diameter 20mm

1,29 € VAT included
1,06 € Without VAT